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The website, products, ads, clicks, leads, follow-up, and call center sales closers are ready to go to work for you!

>> You can do this without having to...

  • Do MLM or build a downline
  • Make videos or "brand" yourself
  • Take courses or learn new skills
  • Build websites or marketing funnels
  • Create products or services
  • Figure out website visitors & leads
  • Figure out a follow-up email series
  • Talk to or sell to anyone yourself
  • Reply to prospect emails yourself
  • Lose Sales to "Commission Jacking"

...all of this is already done for you!

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"What we've accomplished here at SST has never been done before. We are the only ones who have ever solved the "Commission Jacking" problem." - David Harris

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The greater the passive income you can build, the freer you will become.- Todd M. Fleming

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"Millions of Americans are nearing retirement age with absolutely no savings". - U.S. Census Bureau


Ann Schierling and I created the Success Story Team system because we were tired of marketing systems that only benefited the person running or branded to the system and no one else.

We looked everywhere, but there wasn't anything available that was even close to having everything we needed, so we had to create it ourselves.

Ann Schierling and I have 42 years of combined home business & internet marketing experience and have made multiple millions online.

But it certainly didn't start out this way...

My "Accidental" Journey into Internet Marketing

Way back in 1998, I was working a full-time job at a new car dealership in their service department where I was working 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, and sometimes an additional 6 hours on Saturdays as well.

I would wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, repeat.

The income I was making was very good, enough to pay the bills and stash away a good amount for savings, but it was all that I was doing.

I had no time or energy to do anything else, even spend a reasonable amount of time with my 2 small children.

I'm sure many of you have been in this nightmare of a situation where you had no life outside of work as I did.

Then one night in the fall of 1998, I was in a serious car accident while driving an old '80s car that didn't have airbags or anti-lock brakes.

I'd hit an 18-wheeler while doing about 60MPH, that had stalled in the middle of a very dark 2-lane country highway while he was turning left into the opposing lane, my on-coming.

I couldn't tell that it wasn't moving because the headlights blinded me until I was almost even with his cab. This truck had blocked the entire highway.

When I saw the trailer in front of me I locked up the brakes and had nowhere to go.

I hit the 4 wheels at the back of the trailer head-on, a hit so hard that it broke the trailer axle.

At impact, my head hit the steering wheel "in the perfect spot", as according to my doctor, "A few millimeters this way or that way and I would have been a goner".

I quite literally hit my head on the only spot that wouldn't have killed me.

Evidently, my big, thick head saved my life because the area on my head that I hit was the bigger-than-average, double-bone layer of my sinus cavity right over my left eye that had saved my life.

I went home from the hospital a few days after the doctors patched me up with 3 titanium plates.

My wife had already told my work what happened and they asked her to have me call them as soon as I was able.

I spoke to them about 5 days after the accident telling me to take as much time as I needed to recover.

I wasn't able to walk for a couple of weeks because my equilibrium was knocked off. I crawled everywhere around the house, just like my infant daughter.

About 3 weeks after the accident I was barely walking around the house and still needed more time to recover, but I felt that I didn't want to risk taking any longer to see if I was able to go back to work.

I called my boss to tell him that I'd like to try to go back to work. He told me that he gave away my job to someone else 2 weeks ago and that I would be getting a 1 month's severance check soon.

So much for taking as much time as I needed! He gave me less than 1 week to recover from a major car accident. So easily discarded after years of long hours and hard work. Se la vie.

I was now out of the best-paying job I'd ever had (the equivalent of $7,700 per month in 2024 money) and it was very difficult to get it at that as it was the highest-paying job in the area that didn't require a college degree.

I'm a Desert Storm War veteran who served 4 years in the Army, but that doesn't mean much when a college degree is required to get a job.

Our savings were not going to last very long, as the unemployment benefits I was drawing from the state were not coming anywhere close to paying all the bills.

My wife had to get a full-time job while I stayed at home to recover and take care of the kids.

For me to continue getting Unemployment Benefits, I had to apply at so many jobs on a regular basis and submit the paperwork to them periodically.

I simply went to all the car dealerships in the area per their requirements until one day they noticed that I was just going to the same places over and over again and not getting hired.

They suggested that I get retrained for a new job that they would pay for. The only job on the list they gave me that I had any interest in was the A+ Hardware/Software certification to learn how to fix computers.

This would also allow me to pull some funds out of my G.I. Bill that I would get on top of what the state was already paying for.

Before going to this school, I had no idea there was even a certain way you were supposed to turn off a computer.

One day while I was working on my computer studies in class I noticed the instructor working on his computer with some strange code I'd not seen before.

It was HTML code. This is how websites are built to this day, though much more advanced than back then.

A couple of weeks later while shopping at Walmart, I saw a yellow book titled "HTML for Dummies" that someone left on top of a box in the middle of the main aisle.

I took it home and within a few weeks, I taught myself how to build simple web pages and later websites.

I then taught myself SEO or Search Engine Optimization through courses that I paid too much for. There was no YouTube back then.

This was the very early days of the internet when Google was just starting to figure things out.

After a lot of time, trial, and error, I was finally able to start getting in some search engine traffic. The hard part was finding good offers that converted as most didn't.

Unfortunately, after I finished with the computer repair certification, I found out that it didn't pay very well.

I ended up having to get a better-paying job outside the computer sector while I worked on my new internet business after work.

I was working a lot, but I still struggled to find things that would produce a consistent income.

A few hits and a lot of misses.

It was through a lot of time, trial, and error, including losing $1,000s of my dwindling savings to scams and broken promises, that I found a few businesses where I could make a basic living.

4 years after I started my journey into internet marketing I was finally able to quit my day job.

Since those early years, I've tried and tested hundreds of online programs, and all that research and testing ended up turning into its own kind of business.

In 2006, I founded one of the top home-based business and income opportunity review websites in the world.

Here's a screenshot of my review site. It's been redacted so you don't leave here (why that's important is explained in the "Complete Overview" video above) to go visit the website, but it made sense to at least show this much for context.

This site has helped millions of people avoid being scammed and has put countless scams out of business in those 18 years.

I have been working online now for the last 25 years and 21 of those years have been full-time from my home office.

This review business has given me a unique perspective and insight as to what is working and what isn't, and why, that very few others will ever have.

In other words, I've seen virtually every way there is to make money online and the multiple variations thereof.

Most "new" online income opportunities and businesses that are launched today are just a rehash or knock-off of what's already been done before that will not work for most people trying them.

After speaking with 1,000s of people over the last 25 years about making money from home, I have an excellent grasp as to what the average person is looking for and more importantly, what they need for their specific situation to produce the best results when it comes to starting an additional income stream from home.

I welcome you to look through SST to find out why, after 25 years of internet marketing and roughly $2,000,000 made online, this is what I'm spending my time on right now.

Ann started her home-based business journey in MLM back in the 90s in a health/wellness company based out of Los Angeles.

Ann was a distributor with this company for over 7 years and loved it!

She had a passion for the industry and helping others better their lives, and was able to climb the ranks quickly, building a large retail base and team, qualifying for cruises/vacations and bonuses.

Unfortunately, as with many network marketing businesses, things went in a downward direction within the company and she decided to leave the industry to pursue real estate, and then later, insurance.

After being out of the network marketing industry for about 10 years, Ann decided to get back into business for herself, but this time it would instead be in affiliate marketing.

This was so different for her from building a successful business completely offline previously.

Ann had joined various programs over the years to find the right niche for herself.

About 9 years ago she was introduced to the "high ticket industry" and has been very successful with it since.

Ann is now a master in social media marketing as well as many other forms of internet marketing for her multiple online businesses.

Ann and I decided to partner up after several long and fruitful phone conversations which showed that we would be excellent business partners, perfectly in sync with our internet marketing and altruistic goals in helping as many people as we can finally succeed with their own online goals.

Teaming up only made sense so we could pull our resources and combine our knowledge for the ultimate team-up.

Ann and I created the Success Story Team System for several reasons...

Firstly, we were tired of seeing so many good, honest people losing time and money to one failed income endeavor after another.

We spoke to some who said that they were on the 10th, 20th, or even 30th business that they've tried and failed at for many years of "not giving up".

Some of these failures were due to being outright ripped off by unscrupulous businesses, but many were because the businesses required much more money, time, effort, education, and technical savvy than they were led to believe it would take to succeed with a given endeavor.

We also saw that there was no existing system on the market that was truly designed with the complete beginner in mind that provided everything needed to succeed.

So, as the old saying goes... "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself". So... we did!

We invite you to take a serious look at the Success Story Team.

We know that you'll be very impressed with what we've put together for you.

Be sure to reach out to us with any questions.

It's truly our passion to help others finally succeed online and live the life they deserve.

Your success is our success!

- David Harris & Ann Schierling

"Your Success Is Our Success."

- David Harris and Ann Schierling

Here's How You Can Earn Up To $2,520+ Daily Using The Success Story Team System

First, we need to discuss why the Success Story Team is using this type of business model and who SST was designed for.

The majority of business models that are available online today are way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming (among many other issues) for the average person to deal with.

Most people don't have enough time, skills, or the desire needed to start their own online business from scratch or to take a course or courses to learn how to create one on their own over several months, or even much longer.

This has forced most people to settle for income opportunities that were not the right fit for them.

Ultimately, they were unknowingly doomed to fail from the very beginning, and only months later did they realize this and finally give up on it to go try out the next "promising biz-opp".

This has been the major cause of failure for most seeking an additional income source online from home

Because of this, most are in desperate need of an automated, hands-off approach so they don't have to take months to learn new skills or "methods" or create products, a sales funnel, follow-up emails, or figure out how to generate traffic and leads that will convert, etc., to create a full-time income from home in as short a time as possible.

With the Success Story Team, the sales, marketing, and tech are all done and ready to go with our fully automated "Done For You" outsourced system.

There's no "learning curve" here... because there isn't anything to learn for you to potentially start making money quickly with SST.

Just use the system the experts have already created for you... it's that simple!

You can do this without having to...

  • Do MLM or build a downline
  • Make YouTube videos or "brand" yourself
  • Take courses or learn new skills.
  • Build websites or marketing funnels.
  • Create any products or services yourself.
  • Figure out website visitors & leads.
  • Figure out a follow-up email series.
  • Talk to or sell to anyone yourself
  • Reply to prospects' emails yourself.
  • Create bonus offers or incentives.
  • Deal with "Commission Jacking".
  • Wait months to potentially start making money.

...all of this is already done for you!

We've already done all the hard work in building out a complete, passive income system that's ready to promote right away so you can skip all the headaches you'll deal with everywhere else...

Your SST Marketing System will be an exact copy of what David and Ann are using themselves to make 5-figures per month except it will credit you for all sales that come through your own SST referral link.

The Success Story Team System is not a business opportunity itself, but rather a very specialized tool.

It's a front-end marketing system that was designed to promote 2 independent, 3rd-party businesses for you using only 1 promotional link as well as provide access to the SST Call Center, Traffic Rotator, and the much-needed help, support, coaching, and mentoring among other benefits and bonuses you'll also have access to mentioned later on this page below.

The Success Story Team System consists of 3 pages and a few background processes that work automatically on your behalf...

  • Page 1 of the SST funnel is the Lead Capture Page (LCP). This is where your prospects from the SST Team Traffic Rotator (or from hits/visitors/traffic you generate) will enter their name and email to get more info thus generating a lead for you. This is the page you were at just before landing here. The name & email submission automatically starts the SST follow-up email series that will do the work of reaching out, over several weeks, to encourage your prospects to potentially come back here to buy from you.
  • Page 2 of the SST funnel is the main information page that you're on right now. It does the job of explaining everything for you so you never have to learn everything yourself first to be able to explain it to all your prospects, one by one. Any remaining questions that your leads still have can be answered by the SST Call Center on your behalf when they call or email in with questions.
  • Page 3 of the SST funnel is the "Get Started" page where your leads will have simple instructions on how to join and pay you, granting them access to SST, as well as making you money upfront and on a monthly recurring basis in the process.

The 2 independent, 3rd party, businesses we've chosen for the Success Story Team are Exitus Elite and the Home Business Academy

* If you're already a member of Exitus Elite or the Home Business Academy, please contact us, we may have a solution that will work for you...

Joining EE and HBA grants access to the SST marketing system and all its benefits and bonuses including the Traffic Rotator, SST Call Center, coaching, mentoring, etc.

Those full Benefits & Bonuses are listed below.

The first business that is marketed with the Success Story Team system is "Exitus Elite" (EE) which provides immediate income of up to $2,000 per sale while you are growing the passive recurring monthly income side over at HBA.

Exitus Elite can potentially create $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,000 per sale in immediate Income.

The Second Business That's Marketed with SST is the "Home Business Academy" (HBA) which Provides $120 per Month per Member in Passive Recurring Monthly Income as well as a potential $400 1-time per customer.

Long term, HBA could potentially far surpass the potential income of the high ticket sales every month from EE because of its accumulative or compounding effect over time.

Home Business Academy can potentially create many multiples of $120/mo in passive recurring income (residual income) for you.

The Home Business Academy has been in business for over 8 years and Exitus Elite has been in business for over 9 years.

Both are well-established, highly professional, very well-run, and reliable companies.

Exitus Elite and HBA are 2 sides of the same coin within SST but serve 2 very different purposes.

The first side, EE, is the upfront, immediate, high ticket income side of SST that can quickly get you into profit by providing early big paydays of up to $2,000 per sale while you are growing the passive recurring monthly income side over at HBA.

The other side, HBA, is the long-term passive recurring monthly income builder side of the Success Story Team that has the potential to grow into a substantial and passive 6-figure annual "retirement" income all on its own that could far surpass the monthly income potential of Exitus Elite's long-term.

What are the Exitus Elite

and HBA Products?

Home Business Academy and Exitus Elite offer e-learning product packages that are 100% digital and accessible from the website.

E-learning products, in general, are a $107 billion annual industry.

There are no physical or traditional products that need to be manufactured, handled, stored, boxed, and shipped that eat up the lion's share of the profits, sometimes leaving as little as 5% to 10% in profits.

This is what allows for that very high 80% to 100% commissions from HBA and Exitus Elite.

Their digital products cover various topics such as Internet Marketing, Online Traffic Generation, Self-Motivation, Business Productivity, Outsourcing, Tax Advice, Retirement Planning Strategies, Corporate Structuring, Health, and much more.

Using the eBooks, audio, and videos in the Exitus Elite Genesis Library can potentially help you grow any business as well as help you maintain a healthy business and life balance.

However, using the educational products yourself is entirely optional as a way of bolstering your business knowledge, but it's not required to succeed with the Success Story Team System as there is no learning curve because the SST System was designed to do it for you using the fully automated option.

The fully automated option consists of the SST Call Center answering your prospects' questions by phone and email for you and closing those sales costing just 20% of the sale amount.

There will be some who want to do it on their own to save that 20% and those active members will need to learn how to do several tasks that the automated system would have done for them, but again, it's not required.

These Exitus Elite product packages allow for very high profit potential as there are no ongoing hard costs that have to be paid for over and over again like with traditional physical products.

Stated another way…

Let’s say that I bought “XYZ Software”, used it, liked it, and then decided to buy a resell rights license to resell it for a 100% profit. This would be very similar to what we're doing here.

But instead of selling 1 item at a time for a much lower price point, we are selling many products packaged together allowing for much higher profits per sale.

What is being purchased from Exitus Elite are digital product package resale rights licenses as well as the products themselves.

This is like getting a never-ending supply of highly profitable inventory for only a 1-time initial cost.

Digital products are a big thing right now, in general, because of the 80% to 100% profit potential.

As well as the ability to earn from them over and over again without incurring additional product manufacturing and shipping costs, etc.

Additionally, EE & HBA both handle all of their customer support and service for their products so we never have to deal with any of that.

This is why we consider it to be the perfect kind of product and why we chose these 2 businesses for the Success Story Team.

The SST Marketing System is far superior and completely replaces the respective in-house marketing systems from HBA and EE, negating the need to promote them independently allowing you to save both time and money using only 1 link

SST is providing multiple streams of income from the very beginning only needing to promote a single affiliate or referral link to earn money from both businesses simultaneously.

When compared to the average 1-tier affiliate program, HBA is very tough to beat with its huge 80% commission payout on all of its products.

Exitus Elite pays out 100% commissions because you own the resell rights to their products putting you in complete control and allowing you to get paid 100% directly from the customer.

You earn the full commission on both EE and HBA. There are no uplines like in an MLM that will take the majority of your commissions away from you every month.

It only takes as few as 2 members to be in profit when using the SST System.

SST includes the SST Call Center, SST Traffic Rotator, Commission Jacking solution, and the 6 Bonuses offering the much-needed help, support, coaching, and mentoring that are required to succeed online among other much-needed bonuses (bonuses discussed in detail below).

If you don't know how to do the advertising to drive traffic to your referral link, we have you covered...

No problem, this is why we offer painless website visitor traffic from the SST Traffic Rotator that can give you all of the traffic/visitors/hits that generate the qualified leads needed to kick-start and maintain your business from the very beginning so you don't have to figure it out yourself.

The SST Team Traffic Rotator delivers curated targeted website visitors sourced from advertising promotions that we run on Organic SEO, Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Native Ads, and Email, among other sources.

This traffic can be pointed to your new SST System referral link so interested people can potentially join you, making you money.

You will also have access to our other free and paid traffic sources that we are using to generate our own leads outside of the Team Traffic Rotator. The HBA and EE products also contain additional ways you can get in traffic on your own if you so choose, but that is of course optional as you can get as much traffic and leads as you need from the Team Traffic Rotator.

The SST Team Traffic Rotator will send qualified traffic/hits/visitors to your SST System referral link that will generate leads for you of interested people who want to start an extra income from home, just like you.

The SST Call Center can answer all of your emails and phone calls and close all of your sales for you...

This optional service (that's on by default and can be turned off if you want to handle the call and email follow-up yourself to save the 20%) can handle all the work of your follow-up by phone and email & close sales on your behalf while you're at work, play, or even while you sleep.

You drive the traffic to your SST funnel page (or we do it for you with the SST Team Traffic Rotator or both), & you never pay us anything until we close a sale for you. Only pay 20% when we do.

Instead of charging $199 per month for access to the Success Story Team System, we decided on a much more affordable alternative.

That would be to join your referrer in Exitus Elite at the G250 level ($250+$99 or $349 1-time) or higher. Again, this is the minimum but most will want to start at the highest level they can afford to maximize their earnings potential.

There is more earnings potential beyond this as most members will want to upgrade to the G2000 level over time, as well as upgrade to the optional $150/mo and $500 FLA product from HBA, sending even more money your way from your existing members that started at a lower level.

The maximum earnings potential from a member, one that's "All-In" (G2000 plus all products in HBA), is $2,520 upfront and $120 per month in passive recurring income after that.

This is the level that most members will strive to obtain and many will start at.

We've seen that most members decide to start at the G1000 or G2000 level in Exitus Elite and come into HBA at the $150 per month level as well as add the 1-time $500 upgrade allowing them to earn an additional $400 on those sales as well to maximize their income potential in both businesses for an earnings potential of either $1,120 or $2,520 per member, first month.

Here’s why Ann & I are "All-In" on Exitus Elite and HBA...

Exitus Elite G2000 members earn up to $2,000 per sale instead of $250 to $1,000 per sale.

HBA $150 + $500 members earn up to $520 (80% / $400 + $120) per member upfront along with $120 per month in passive recurring income instead of just $120 per month.

Since the majority of new members are coming in at the G1000 or G2000 level, we want to be positioned to earn the max on everything.

Most want to come in at the highest level they can afford.

It costs the same to advertise and generate leads whether you’re at the G250, G500, G1000, or G2000 level in EE.

If you are at the G500 level and make a sale at the G2000 level, you will only get $500 of that $2,000 sale.

The difference will be sent up to the next member above qualified at the G2000 level meaning missed commissions not being at the top G-level.

Neither of us wanted to miss out on any commissions.


The minimum that's required to gain access to the Success Story Team System, and all its benefits and bonuses, including the free traffic and leads, is for you to join Exitus Elite at the G250 level for $349 ($250+$99 member fee) or higher (G500 to G2000).

* Joining both Exitus Elite and the Home Business Academy "All-In" (G2000 along with all 3 products in HBA) will allow you to earn up to $2,520 upfront and then $120 per month per sale.

No Commission Jacking Allowed

The other access requirement is that you must join Exitus Elite with the original or first person who introduced you to SST.

This is identified by the SST Code in the first email you received from SST.

The "original" or "first" person is the one who paid for or generated the lead that brought you here.

There is no "Commission Jacking" allowed in SST as we require that the one who is paying for or generating the marketing is the one who should always get the commission.

By design, there is no benefit in joining someone other than the first person as everyone is on a "level playing field" providing the same benefits as any other SST member, including David and Ann.

This is a huge benefit to you as no other system does this.

If you're not sure who the original or first person is (by SST Code) that first showed you SST, you can reach out to us by phone or email and we will quickly get that sorted out for you.

Please Note:

There are dedicated pages linked below that cover Exitus Elite and Home Business Academy separately in complete, in-depth detail.

Although I cover the main points above and in the Overview Video at the top, it's also recommended to review these 2 pages so you have a complete understanding of how EE, HBA, and SST work together and how you can benefit from this one-of-a-kind system promoting both of them for you simultaneously.

"The most effective way of bringing in passive income is educating people.” - Jess Van Den

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We get it. No problem. That's why we have professionals ready to help you right now.

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“You can only be financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses.” - Robert Kiyosaki

The Wool Has Been Lifted!

"Commission Jacking" is the Real #1 Reason Why So Many Fail to Make Any Money Online!

SST is Your 1 & ONLY Solution!

"Commission Jacking" is the real #1 problem people are faced with when promoting any leveraged-based referral business.

Most people think that the #1 problem is getting a consistent source of high-quality traffic to their offer and although this is a very big problem for most, you could have a huge amount of the best possible traffic in the world going to your offer yet still only make a handful of sales without addressing the real #1 problem in "Commission Jacking".

Our system virtually eliminates the effects of "Commission Jacking"!

With this problem fixed, you can potentially get more sales with far less advertising.

See the "SST Complete Overview" video at the top for full details.

  • Never waste your time and money again marketing products to people just so they can just turn around and buy from someone else.
  • You can now avoid marketing campaigns that are doomed to fail before you've even started.

We can't wait to hear about your success story.

Make sure to watch the full Success Story Team video above to discover what "Commission Jacking" actually is in detail and how we've virtually eliminated its effects.

Ready to get started?

“He who makes $25,000 annually through passive income is more enviable than he who earns $100,000 annually through a salary.” - Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Why We Chose These Products...

Multiple Streams of Income With High-Profit Potential

From a profit potential of $250 + $120/mo per member in passive recurring income, up to $2,520 in immediate upfront, high-ticket income, and $120/mo per member in passive recurring income.

Home Business Academy (HBA) and Exitus Elite (EE) offer e-learning product packages that are 100% digital and accessible from the website, so there are no physical products that need to be manufactured, handled, stored, and shipped, eating up the lion's share of the profits.

Best of all this allows for substantial 80% to 100% commissions.

With Home Business Academy (HBA), you get 80% commissions on the monthly recurring products as well as the 1-time upgrade product.

With just 2 recurring sales, you're in profit.

No more out-of-pocket!

With Exitus Elite (EE), you get 100% resale rights licenses (so you can earn 100% commissions) as well as the products themselves.

The extensive library of eBooks, audio, and videos allows for the highest profits possible.

There are no ongoing hard costs that have to be paid for over and over again like with traditional products.

Digital products are HUGE right now, it's the perfect product because:

  • You can earn 80% commissions on every $150/mo & $500 HBA sale.
  • You can earn 100% commissions on every $1,000 to $2,000 EE sale.
  • With HBA, you get paid every Friday on new & monthly recurring sales.
  • With Exitus Elite (EE), you get direct payments with Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Credit Card, and more. No more waiting weeks to get paid.
  • With HBA and EE, you never have to worry about physical products that must be manufactured, handled, stored, and shipped.
  • With Exitus Elite (EE), there are ZERO ongoing hard costs, our eLearning product packages provide an unlimited supply of inventory for a low one-time investment of the resell rights to the product packages.
  • Exitus Elite and Home Business Academy both handle all of their customer support and service for their products so we never have to deal with any of that.
  • No employees, leases or expensive monthly overhead to deal with.

Success Story Team Is All You Will Ever Need!

The whole point of the Success Story Team is to give you everything you need to succeed putting you miles ahead of the competition.

Our 6 Exclusive Benefits...

1) "No Commission Jacking Allowed" Marketing System

Full access to the 1st ever "No Commission Jacking Allowed" complete marketing system. This can potentially give you an unfair advantage over those in other systems that are struggling with lost traffic, leads, and sales due to Commission Jacking being done by the "gurus".

2) Call Center Closes All Your Sales For You

This service can handle all the work of your follow-up by phone and email & close sales on your behalf while you're at work or even while you sleep. You drive the traffic (or we do it for you with the Team Traffic Rotator), & you never pay us anything until we close a sale for you. Only pay 20% when we do (invoiced after the sale).

3) Exclusive Team Traffic Rotator

Do you need a lead generation solution? You get access to our optional and exclusive "Team Traffic Rotator". You'll be able to get as many high-quality visitors/hits/traffic as you need to be sent to your SST marketing system requiring no guesswork or testing on your part.

4) Industry Leading Lead Follow-Up

Access to our "Done For You" SST Lead Follow-up system with a high-converting high-deliverability drip email campaign designed to keep SST front of mind with potential members to encourage them to revisit, join SST, and pay you at every step of the way.

5) Payments Direct to Your Favorite Method

Beyond HBA (HBA handles their own payment processing), regarding EE, we offer the ability for you to get paid directly through Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Credit Card, & more so there's no more need to wait days or even weeks to get paid. Make a $2,000 sale today & get that in your bank account in 24 hours or less (rare exceptions may apply).

6) 80% to 100% Profit Potential Digital Products

Beyond HBA's 80% commissions, we've also partnered with a top digital product provider to offer their 100% profit digital product packages of eBooks, Audio, and Videos that can potentially help improve your business life as well as your health and wellness... as well as your wallet.

We're Not Stopping There!

You Will Also Get The Following Exclusive Bonuses For Joining the Success Story Team


Expert support, coaching, and mentoring from two 7-figure Experts with a combined 42+ years of internet marketing and home business experience.


Access the Team's Private Telegram chat room where you can get help as well as inside info on exactly what's working today & how you can take advantage!


Sales Funnel Analytics allows you to monitor each of your funnel page traffic and page conversions to make sure your advertising dollars are spent wisely.


You'll also get our traffic rolodex of free and paid sources. We have tested these sources so you don't have to. You'll be able to get high-converting traffic requiring no guesswork or wasted money on testing.


We offer a full-service setup to all our members. We can set up your entire sales funnel system. Leave all the tech work to our professional team so you can be up and running in no time.


You are given full permission to use all our exclusive bonuses in your SST marketing as if they were your own. Leverage our system and know-how and offer your prospects what no one else can.

Success Story Team is the Perfect System for you if...

You want to earn more money & capitalize on a growing multi-billion dollar industry.

You want to use technology to simplify and completely automate your marketing.

You want the opportunity to eliminate "Commission Jacking" and completely skip the learning curve!

HOW TO GET STARTED's affiliate dashboard with leads and payments statistics

STEP 1 - Join Success Story Team

Click on the "JOIN SST NOW" button below if you don't have any questions and are ready to join the Team.

Or you can call the number below to speak with a live call center agent who is standing by to answer all of your questions or concerns.

Keep in mind that we do get very busy speaking with so many interested people that you may have to leave a message with a live operator, but we will get right back to you as soon as possible.

Mention SST CODE: YU1122

STEP 2 - Quick Setup

After becoming a member, we will quickly set up your new SST marketing system website so you can potentially have commissions going straight into your bank account as fast as possible.

Leave the "techy" stuff to us.

* In the future, we may start charging a $149 set-up fee for this service, but right now, it's included at no extra cost.

STEP 3 - Plug Into Our Team Traffic Rotator

Once inside and your marketing system is set up, you can request to have your new SST system promotional link added to our Traffic Rotator. You can also upgrade for much more traffic from our "Premium Traffic Rotator" further driving even more visitors and leads through your new SST marketing system.

You have many options for getting traffic to your SST promotional page, whether it be from our optional high-quality Team Traffic Rotator or any of our other tried and true tested advertising methods, as well as any of your own traffic sources that you'd like to use.

STEP 4 - SST Call Center Team Closes Your Sales For You

When opting to use our available "Done For You" option, you can outsource the work by "hiring" us to take care of the day-to-day work for you including answering prospect questions by phone and email so you never have to.

The SST Call Center can close all of your sales for you from prospects who email or call in with questions.

This service can handle all the work of your follow-up by phone and email & close sales on your behalf while you're at work or even while you sleep.

You drive the traffic (or we do it for you with the Team Traffic Rotator), & you never pay us anything until we close a sale for you. Only pay 20% out of profit when we do.

Right Now You Have 2 Choices...

(Pick What's Best For You)

Ignore This Offer

You can simply do nothing.

Leave this page, and continue doing what you've already been doing and getting what you've already been getting.

If you don't act, you'll most likely find yourself continuing to struggle like almost everyone else looking for more income from home...

Going back to searching for the "next bizopp" only to buy another useless product or system.

Why put yourself through that again?

...or Join SST Today

You're getting access to a proven system that helps make your life stress-free...

We feel that we've put together the best possible income-generating system available anywhere online or offline.

As well as expose and provide a solution for "Commission Jacking" as a true problem with referral marketing businesses.

You can access SST and all the exclusive benefits and bonuses right now.

Please click on the "JOIN SST NOW" button right below to get started with SST now.

Ready To Get Started?

Still Have Questions?

We get it. No problem. That's why we have professionals ready to help you right now.

Mention SST CODE: YU1122

See You On The Inside!


Founder of the Success Story Team

Hey, this is David Harris here. I've been working online now for the last 25 years. I'm a 7 seven-figure earner who has cracked the code on how to make money online from home full-time. It's truly my passion to help others succeed and live the life they deserve. Your success is my success!

P.S. SST isn't one of those "too good to be true" systems built on outdated technology... it's a one-of-a-kind proven system we've created and have been using myself for a 6-figure annual income.

P.P.S. This includes virtually everything you could need. Exitus and HBA pay for themselves with just a couple of commissions.

With that said, click the button below to JOIN SST NOW and change your life for the better!

Income Disclaimer: Home Business Academy (HBA), Exitus Elite (EE), and the marketing system Success Story Team (SST) are not "Get Rich Quick" programs. We believe in hard work, and just like with any other business, the more effort you put into your business, the more money it could potentially make for you. As stipulated by law, we cannot and will not make any guarantees about this system's ability to get results and/or make you money with any products, services, or recommendations.

HBA FTC Disclaimer: “Average affiliates can expect to earn $328 with this business.” For full earnings disclosure visit: To earn much higher income amounts, work, skill, and commitment are required. Home Business Academy has paid over $5,000,000 in affiliate commissions so far. "Average Affiliates" includes affiliates that never did anything.

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