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* Before you get started, make sure that you save this page as you will need it for reference until you are finished with the registration process for HBA & EE.


The minimum that's required to gain access to the Success Story Team System, and all its benefits and bonuses, including the free traffic and leads, is for you to join Exitus Elite at the G250 level for $349 ($250+$99 1-time for licensing) or higher (G500 to G2000).

Monthly payment plans are available, listed below.

Joining HBA is not a requirement to gain access to SST, but recommended.

No Commission Jacking Allowed

The other access requirement is that you must join Exitus Elite with the original or first person who introduced you to SST.

The "original" or "first" person is the one who paid for or generated the lead that brought you here.

By design, there is no benefit in joining someone other than the first person as everyone is on a "level playing field" providing the same benefits as any other SST member, including David and Ann.

This is a huge benefit to you as no other system does this.

If you're not sure who the original or first person is (by SST Code) that first showed you SST, you can reach out to us by phone or email and we will quickly get that sorted out for you.

* Joining both Exitus Elite and the Home Business Academy "All-In" (G2000 along with all 3 products in HBA) will allow you to earn up to $2,520 upfront and then $120 per month per sale.

PART 1: Join HBA (Optional)

PART 2: Join Exitus Elite

PART 1: Optional

Join the Home Business Academy

STEP 1: If you are only joining Exitus Elite today, skip to PART 2 "Join Exitus Elite" below.

This PART and STEPs, joining HBA, is optional but recommended. You can upgrade to HBA later on but you will miss out on those commissions until you do.

The $25/mo product is preselected. You will need to check the box (bottom of the yellow or white area below the order form shown in the image below) for the second, $125/mo product.

This $125/mo membership product "HBA Premium (Traffic & Conversions)" is first billed 14 days after purchase. These 2 products combine for the $150 that was mentioned on the home page and videos.

STEP 2: Add the optional "Financial Literacy Academy" to your HBA order to earn an additional potential $400 per sale.

HBA's "Financial Literacy Academy" costs $500 (1-time cost and pays out 80% or $400 per sale) and can also be added to the $150/mo per month part (from STEP1) once that side of it has been completed. This is shown as a "One-Time-Offer" upgrade after you submit your purchase for STEP1. There will be a video there that explains this product in full detail.


Join Exitus Elite

STEP 1: Join Exitus Elite and pay a one-time Admin fee of $99/G250, $199/G500, $299/G1000, or $399/G2000.


Exitus Elite requires that 2 separate payments be made.

The first payment is made directly to Exitus Elite in the form of an admin fee during registration (mentioned above - STEP1).

Then a second payment is made to your SST referrer in the form of a Direct Member payment (mentioned below - STEP2). That $250, $500, $1000, or $2000 is paid below at "Complete STEP 2" or from within your Exitus Elite Backoffice.

STEP 2: After completing STEP 1, Pay a one-time, Direct Member payment of $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,000 with one of the payment options listed below.

STEP 3: Login into your new Exitus Elite back-office, watch the short video, and then mark that you have sent in your member payment from STEP 2.

STEP 4: Look out for an email from us with your SST onboarding info for your next steps.

Thank you for your purchase. Contact support at if you do not receive your onboarding email within 24 business hours.

Complete STEP 2

Make Your Exitus Elite Member Payment Below:

Choose from one of the options below to make your $250, $500, $1000, or $2000 Direct Member payment.

Pay with your favorite payment app here:

Pay using your credit card or debit card here:

Make a single $250 payment in full (no surcharge) or spread it out over 6 $41.67 monthly payments. Get access right now either way.

Make a single $500 payment in full (save $25) or spread it out over 6 $87.50 monthly payments. Get access right now either way.

Make a single $1,000 payment in full (save $50) or spread it out over 6 $175.00 monthly payments. Get access right now either way.

Make a single $2,000 payment in full (save $100) or spread it out over 6 $350.00 monthly payments. Get access right now either way.

Have questions about placing your order?

If so, please contact Sales Support at:

Income Disclaimer: Home Business Academy (HBA), Exitus Elite (EE), and the marketing system Success Story Team (SST) are not "Get Rich Quick" programs. We believe in hard work, and just like with any other business, the more effort you put into your business, the more money it could potentially make for you. As stipulated by law, we cannot and will not make any guarantees about this system's ability to get results and/or make you money with any products, services, or recommendations.

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