The Exitus Elite Side of SST Provides a Potential of $250, $500, $1,000 or $2,000 Daily per Referral

Watch these Basic Overviews of Exitus Elite

* Do keep in mind as you watch this that the entire marketing side of Exitus Elite is handled by SST and not within EE. The Success Story Team handles all the marketing of EE and HBA for you.

Exitus Elite is the first of 2 independent 3rd-party businesses that SST simultaneously sells on your behalf that can potentially produce $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,000 per referral for you.

Exitus Elite's "You First" Compensation Plan

You can start Exitus Elite in SST at the G250, G500, G1000 or G2000 level.

The income that you earn per G-level product package correlates to your income potential with each.

This means that if you want to earn the maximum, which is up to $2,000 per sale, you will need to be at the G2000 level yourself to achieve that full income amount.

Otherwise, if you are at the G500 level, and make a G2000 sale, you would get paid at your G-level, G500 which is $500 and the $1,500 difference would be sent up to the next member above you that's qualified at the G2000 level as an override.

Once you've upgraded to and qualified at G2000 (by passing up your first G2000 sale), you would get 100% of every sale, G250 through G2000 from that point forward.

It's recommended to start at the G2000 so you can get the highest possible commissions from the very beginning.

The 3 Different Ways to Earn

  • Direct Sales and Upgrades - These are the regular, direct sales that can come in after you have qualified your account with your first, pass-up sale to your referrer. After that, you'll keep 100% of every sale you're qualified for based on your current G-level. If, for instance, you're at the G1000 level, you can earn up to $1,000 on G250, G500, G1000, and G2000 sales. Also meaning, you would only get $1,000 from a G2000 sale. The $1,000 difference would be sent up to the next member in the lineage qualified at the G2000 level as an Override (Overrides discussed below). The Upgrades would be any amount that your referrals are not qualified to receive, but you are. If you are at the G2000 level, for instance, and one of your members decides to upgrade to a higher level, you would earn the difference between the level they started from and upgraded to. So, if they upgraded from G500 to G2000, you would get the $1,500 difference from the Upgrade.
  • Pass-Up Qualifiers - All of your members will have to pass up their first sale to you at the level they joined at or higher. Let's say they joined at the G1000 level and got in 3 G500 sales, they would keep all the $500 sales before qualifying or passing up a sale because those sales weren't at the G1000 level or higher. Only their first G1000 or G2000 sale and member would be passed up as the Qualifier sale. The pass-up sale and member you just received from them would also owe you their first sale, and then that member would owe you their first sale, and so on. After this pass-up qualifier sale is done, they will earn 100% commissions up to their qualified G-level from the 2nd sale and on assuming their first sale was at or higher than the G-level they joined at or upgraded to.
  • Overrides - An Override is the difference between a member's G-level and any sale amount over that level they're not qualified to earn. Members always make at or below the G-level they are currently at. If you are at the G500 level, for instance, and make a G2000 sale, you will get paid at your G-level, which is $500. The $1,500 difference would be the Override that will be sent up to the next member above you who's qualified at the G2000 level. This is another reason why we recommend starting at the highest level you can afford so you would not be missing out on the highest Override amounts. Also, Overrides are not split between 2 members. Only the first member above who's qualified to receive that G-level amount will receive the full Override.

Exitus Elite G-Levels

The G250 Product Package costs $250 + a $99 admin fee ($349).

G250 pays out $250 per member.

The G500 Product Package costs $500 + a $199 admin fee ($699).

G500 pays out up to $500 per member.

The G1000 Product Package costs $1,000 + a $299 admin fee ($1,299). G1000 pays out up to $1,000 per member.

The G2000 Product Package costs $2,000 + a $399 admin fee ($2,399). G2000 pays out up to $2,000 per member.

These are all 1-time costs including the admin/licensing fee.

Exitus Elite Upgrading

If you start at a lower G-level, like G500, in the beginning, you are not penalized in any way and can upgrade at any time later on for only the cost difference between the G-levels and the admin fee.

This is regardless of where you started, from G250, G500, or G1000, you can upgrade to the G1000 or G2000 level.

For example; if you started at G500 and wanted to upgrade to G2000 later on it would only be $1,500 (the difference between G500 and G2000) plus $200 (the difference between $199 and $399 admin fees) totaling a $1,700 difference needed to upgrade from G500 to G2000.

Another way of looking at it would be receiving the $500 + $199 or $699 credit towards upgrading to the G2000 $2,000 + $399 or $2,399. The total difference between G2000 and G500 is the same as $2,399 - $699 = $1,700 needed to upgrade from G500 to G2000.

This would work the same way between any other G-levels as well.

Exitus Elite Products

These are e-learning product packages that are 100% digital and accessible from the website.

E-learning products, in general, are a $107 billion annual industry.

Traditional products that must be manufactured, handled, boxed, and shipped eat up the lion’s share of a business’s profits.

Their digital products cover various topics such as Internet Marketing, Online Traffic Generation, Self-Motivation, Business Productivity, Outsourcing, Tax Advice, Retirement Planning Strategies, Corporate Structuring, Health, and much more.

The education these products provide is available for those who want to be fully active in their SST business, but what you can learn from these excellent products is not necessary to succeed with SST as there is nothing to learn before you can potentially succeed with this business as the automated systems in place can do all of that for you.

You are buying these products and the resell rights licenses to them primarily so you have something, the products, that the system can sell on your behalf.

This way you do not have to create or develop any products or services yourself.

I know I sure don't want to do that!

Here's a very small sample of the EE products that are included...

So... Using These Educational Products is Entirely Optional to Bolster Your Marketing Knowledge, But It's Not Required to Succeed

For those that do want to take advantage of what the EE products have to offer...

The eBooks, audio, and videos in the Exitus Elite Genesis Library can help you grow any business as well as help you maintain a healthy business and life balance.

These Exitus Elite digital product packages allow for very high profit margins as there are no ongoing hard costs that have to be paid for over and over again like with traditional physical products.

Stated another way…

Let’s say that I bought “XYZ Software”, used it, liked it, and then decided to buy a resell rights license to resell it for a 100% profit. This would be very similar to what we're doing here.

But instead of selling just 1 item at a time for a much lower price point, we are selling many products packaged together allowing for substantially higher profits per sale.

What is being purchased from Exitus Elite is the digital product package as well as the resale rights license to them giving you your own products so the SST System can sell them on your behalf all the while you keep 100% of the commissions.

This is like getting a never-ending supply of highly profitable inventory for only a 1-time initial cost.

Digital products are a very big thing right now, in general, because of the 100% profit margin potential.

As well as the ability to earn from them over and over again without incurring ongoing product manufacturing, shipping costs, etc.

This also means that you will never have to package and ship anything, like in e-commerce.

The products are automatically available online to your new customers right after purchase as well as their ability to resell the products for profit from the new resell rights license they obtained as well.

The product customer support is also handled by Exitus Elite as we don't have to worry about that either.

This is why we consider it to be the perfect kind of product and business and is why chose Exitus Elite for the Success Story Team.

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And direct member payment commissions to go along with it just like these G2000 sales...

Disclaimer: The incomes shown are not a guarantee or a promise of income to be generated. These results are not typical and you could earn more or less than the amounts shown.

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